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Kremer RSK #9110 almost done!

by on Aug.02, 2011, under Race Cars, Restoration Projects, Showroom

Well we have completed the final  striping on #9110 and only have a few minor details left before the reveal. It is finally coming together and should be a spectacular looking car. Stay tuned for the complete image gallery.

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1973 Carrera RS 3.2 #911 310 3081

by on Jun.28, 2011, under Road cars, Showroom

1973 Carrera RS 3.2 Replica was built on a origional light yellow non-sunroof chassis. It was given a complete respray along with factory RS bumpers and Duck-tail. All new interior including all new seals, headliner, perlon carpet, door panels and trim, light weight  seats, and a new dash cover. The engine is a shortstroke 3.2 ltr based on a 3.0SC case with mahle 98mm p&c. Ignition has been upgraded to twin BOSCH TCI hybrid ignition, Elgin camshafts, larger throttle-bodies and re-calibrated mechanical injection pump. SSI exhaust and stainless steel muffler. Wheels are 7&8 Fuchs with RSR finish & Dunlop SP9000 tires. Also has Fuchs Alloy spare wheel/tire. Brakes are standard “S” calipers in front and rear.  H1 headlamps and optional through the grill fog lamps are also installed.

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Barber Motorsports Park II

by on May.26, 2011, under Racing

Another great weekend of testing all the updates on #0031. Everything worked as planned and no major issues other than some minor tuning to the fuel injection program. Some things we discovered that will need improving are the driver cooling and ventilation systems, it gets pretty hot in this car! We will test once more before the Rennsport Reunion  in October to be sure that all is race ready. Check out the pictures from Barber

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#027 Paint Update

by on May.10, 2011, under Restoration Projects

Well #027 is starting to come together and she is looking better than ever! The Aluminum roll cage has been repaired and re-installed, water coolers have been ultra-sonic cleaned along with all new hoses. We will replace the dash covering and install a new clear windshield and gasket. The Plexi side windows will be cleaned and polished then re-installed . When the doors are ready to be installed we will also replace the inner door seals as well. Check back in a few days!

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Old PORSCHE Race cars never retire they just move to a new playground!

by on May.05, 2011, under Uncategorized

In 2007 we purchased a NEW “GT-3 Cup” for the IMSA Challenge series run as a support race with ALMS events. After 3 years of fun and several podium finishes by Lloyd Hawkins, the introduction of PORSCHE’s newest version (MY 2010′) of the gt-3 cup rendered  the 2007 model  no longer competitive. Once the word was out that the Rennsport GT-3 was to be sold we were contacted by Jeff Zwart about the car. Jeff is well known in the porsche world for being the film director of several PORSCHE commercials such as “The Family Tree”. Once a deal was struck we found out that the GT-3 would be modified for “OFF-ROAD USE” and sent to Pikes Peak to contest the famous hill climb event. In conjunction with PMNA and the input of Roland Kusmal the gt-3 was loaned a 3.8 “World challenge Spec.” engine, gearbox ratios were changed for maximum acceleration and a top speed of 125 mph. The suspension ride-height was raised and under body panels installed along with rock guards to protect critical componets. Since i have been the only one to work on the car since new jeff asked if i would like to be the lead mechanic for the event. Nerver having been to Pikes Peak it was something quite different than i was used to. When it was all said and done Jeff broke the “Time-Attack 2WD class record by an amazing 38 seconds set the previous year by Rhys Millen. The most amazing thing was that he finished 6th O.A. in a 3 year old production based normally aspirated 2wd car! Ck out the video i think you will enjoy the sight and sound of an old racer on a new playground! 

(cameo appearance by Dennis Boada, Andrew Gregoryof PMNA, and Jeff Zwart as himself)

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#031 Gets some modern updates.

by on May.05, 2011, under Racing

We have been working on some modern updates for #031 to bring it into the 21st century. Most importantly to improve drivability and increase performance we have installed a MOTEC M4 Engine mangement system and GARRETT GT ball-bearing turbos. The MOTEC system included (6-individual) TMW throttle bodies, billet fuel rails and 950cc injectors, new crossbar linkage and new fuel lines. With a new set of Reid Washbon Racing headers and Garrett GT3071R turbos from Dura-Bilt we should have a much more responsive engine. The turbos required the most fabrication of all the changes due to the offset of the mounting flanges. New stainless-steel hangers,modified exhaust pipes, smaller oil inlet lines and removal of the “catch-cans” along with modified charge pipes were needed to install the turbo’s. The last item we will add will be O2 bungs in the exhaust pipes to install our wideband Lambda sensors to monitor the fuel mixture for any neccessary adjustments to the program.

“Before” with the kugel-fisher mechanical injection and KKK turbos as origionally supplied by PORSCHE, and “After” with the MOTEC EFI, TMW throttles and Garrett turbos. To the “untrained eye” it looks pretty much the same, but if you look closer you will spot the differences!

More photos showing the fabrication and installation

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#027 Gets some much needed new paint

by on May.05, 2011, under Restoration Projects

 One thing PORSCHE didn’t do was put nice paint jobs even on thier top-of the line racers. They used the “cheap” paint figuring that most racers would get painted every season to accomodate new sponsors and or new ownwers, but what if  the car was only raced  twice in  30 years?  With a galvanized chassis and little to no primer the paint has begun lifting and flaking off  from no adheasion. Well we wanted #027 to look just as good as it did the day it was air-freighted from Weissach to LA  for it’s origional owner Otis Chandler. He ordered it in a special Color called “Vintage Racing Blue” and once in California added his personal touch of striping. So in the coming weeks we will strip down to the bare chassis and prep the metal with modern primer and re-spray with an exact color match!

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962-160 Engine re-build

by on Apr.18, 2011, under Racing

962-160 was last run at the HMP event at Sebring Raceway in December when it developed a unknown noise coming from the 1-3 cylinder bank. It was later discovered that a weak area on the “4-cam or Water/Water motor” as they are called is the “needle-bearing” in the “wheel house” . These bearings are for the gears that connect the camshafts to the crank. Water/Water engines don’t use chains normally found in a flat-6 boxer engine, they use all staright cut gears from the crankshaft all the way out the the camshafts. The wheel house is what is normally called the chain box on a production engine. The engine has been removed and sent to PMNA for a complete inspection and re-build and will be sent back ready to go ( at least for another 50 hours of fun). Luckily it was diagnosed before the engine suffered  terminal damage and needed a lengthy parts list. It should be back in action and ready to-go just in time for Rennsport IV at Laguna Seca Oct. 2011 so stay tuned for future updates.

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1973 Carrera RS 2.7 M471

by on Apr.18, 2011, under Road cars, Showroom

Carrera RS 2.7 M471

Delivery date:12/01/1972

Engine #:6630219


Color: Grand Prix White with Green Lettering/2238 and matching Wheel centers

Interior:Black leatherette

Conversion:M471 Light-weight trim

Optional Equipment: Dunlop tires,M220 limited-slip differential, M440 retractable antenna & loud speaker

This is the same car posted in our showroom as a RSR Conversion by Roitmayer GmbH of Germany

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1987 Carrera Ruf 3.4t

by on Feb.23, 2011, under Road cars, Showroom

This is not your fathers 1987 Carerra! This is a “WOLF” is Sheep’s clothing! Wanting to emulate the famous Ruf narrow-body Carrera we started with a run of the mil average car and transformed it into one of the most desired cars in the world. Starting at the front bumper and ending at the tail-pipe nothing was left untouched on this project. The heart and soul of this car is it’s engine, a 3.4ltr, twin-plug, single GARRETT turbo with modern Euro-96 EFI. Using a proven formula this engine makes 500hp @1.2 bar. It uses a G-50 gearbox with a limited-slip differential and a light-weight clutch package. Brakes have been upgraded to 993tt calipers and disc up front and 928s4 calipers and 930 disc in the rear. A Ruf front valence covers the Ruf oil cooler which is added in series with the factory Carrera unit. Ruf-Speedline wheels are 8″& 9″x 17 with Dunlop tires.  Other Ruf items that add to the visual clues are the Boost guage, gas-brake and clutch pedal covers, and a Ruf manual boost wheel that is located at the rear of the center tunnel. Black RECARO sport seats and a early 911 3-spoke steering wheel along with light-weight door panels give it a period correct look. Be sure to look at the complete gallery to see all the details.

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