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Barber Motorsports Park II

by on May.26, 2011, under Racing

Another great weekend of testing all the updates on #0031. Everything worked as planned and no major issues other than some minor tuning to the fuel injection program. Some things we discovered that will need improving are the driver cooling and ventilation systems, it gets pretty hot in this car! We will test once more before the Rennsport Reunion  in October to be sure that all is race ready. Check out the pictures from Barber

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#031 Gets some modern updates.

by on May.05, 2011, under Racing

We have been working on some modern updates for #031 to bring it into the 21st century. Most importantly to improve drivability and increase performance we have installed a MOTEC M4 Engine mangement system and GARRETT GT ball-bearing turbos. The MOTEC system included (6-individual) TMW throttle bodies, billet fuel rails and 950cc injectors, new crossbar linkage and new fuel lines. With a new set of Reid Washbon Racing headers and Garrett GT3071R turbos from Dura-Bilt we should have a much more responsive engine. The turbos required the most fabrication of all the changes due to the offset of the mounting flanges. New stainless-steel hangers,modified exhaust pipes, smaller oil inlet lines and removal of the “catch-cans” along with modified charge pipes were needed to install the turbo’s. The last item we will add will be O2 bungs in the exhaust pipes to install our wideband Lambda sensors to monitor the fuel mixture for any neccessary adjustments to the program.

“Before” with the kugel-fisher mechanical injection and KKK turbos as origionally supplied by PORSCHE, and “After” with the MOTEC EFI, TMW throttles and Garrett turbos. To the “untrained eye” it looks pretty much the same, but if you look closer you will spot the differences!

More photos showing the fabrication and installation

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962-160 Engine re-build

by on Apr.18, 2011, under Racing

962-160 was last run at the HMP event at Sebring Raceway in December when it developed a unknown noise coming from the 1-3 cylinder bank. It was later discovered that a weak area on the “4-cam or Water/Water motor” as they are called is the “needle-bearing” in the “wheel house” . These bearings are for the gears that connect the camshafts to the crank. Water/Water engines don’t use chains normally found in a flat-6 boxer engine, they use all staright cut gears from the crankshaft all the way out the the camshafts. The wheel house is what is normally called the chain box on a production engine. The engine has been removed and sent to PMNA for a complete inspection and re-build and will be sent back ready to go ( at least for another 50 hours of fun). Luckily it was diagnosed before the engine suffered  terminal damage and needed a lengthy parts list. It should be back in action and ready to-go just in time for Rennsport IV at Laguna Seca Oct. 2011 so stay tuned for future updates.

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962-160 Brun Repsol 962C

by on Nov.27, 2010, under Racing

962-160 is being prepared to attend the Legends of Motorsport finale at Sebring. All new BREMBO master cylinders, clutch hydraulics, and fresh fluids throughout, now all we need are some fresh tires and beautiful weather. The last outing for 962-160 was Rennsport Reunion in November of 2007, where it was the fastest 962 throughout the entire weekend including all practice and qualifing. On the false grid for the feature race Porsche factory driver Patrick Long was invited to race another IMSA 962 and get his first taste of Daytona in a GTP. Pat made easy work of Lloyd and Mark Hotchkis to finish first but the Repsol 962 did set the fastest race lap. After the race Lloyd was quoted ” Once he got by me and Pat and Mark began to mix it up a little 3rd place was the best seat in the house, what a show!”


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#0031 Update

by on Nov.27, 2010, under Racing

#0031 has had several mechanical upgrades since it’s last outing at Barber Motorsports Park. First upgrade was to the fuel delivery system with all new Bosch racing fuel pumps,billet fuel log, new Cohline hose. The linkage for the Kugel-Fischer injection was corrected as well.  Second was the gearbox. With Le Mans being this cars only race it was no surprise to find very tall gearing in the box and after some useful data from previous 935’s we have run we came up with a good all around set of gears that seem to work at most tracks we visit. Another thing that greatly helps is replacing the “spool” with a Guard Limited-Slip differential. Doing away with the “spool” will help the turn-in and pretty much do away with the on throttle “push” or “understeer”. Last we adressed the brake sytem with a fresh set of drilled brake rotors and endurance Pagid brake pads. These newer Pagid pads will offer better braking while also helping with rotor wear. 935’s commonly ran FORODO brake pads that were good at the time but just aren’t close to whats availabe today. 2 new AP master cylinders and fresh fluid along with a completely rebuilt pedal box should have things covered in the braking zone.  Back in the day 935’s ran 16″ front and 19″ rear tires, so we have selected to run current spec. DUNLOP radials in 17″ up front and 18″ in the rear.  These upgrades should produce both a quicker, better handling, safer car.

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1979 Interscope 935# 0031

by on Oct.15, 2010, under Racing

Chassis #0031 was origionally sold to Vasek Polak and was the second to last 935 customer car sold. It was raced at Le Mans in 1979 in it’s origional configuration with Ted Field, Milt Minter, and John Morton as it’s drivers. After Le Mans it was returned to Weissach and was completly updated to it’s current configuration and used as a Test & Development car. Even though it never raced again it was given all the best parts and knowledge PORSCHE had to offer. We will update you in the near future as we ready #0031 for the Sebring finale with Legends of Motorsport.

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Rennsport/Hawk Motorsports visits Barber Motorsports Park

by on Oct.09, 2010, under Racing

Bobby Rahal’s inagural Legends of Motorsport event was held at Barber Motorsports Park and was the perfect opportunity to shake down 2 of the cars in which the Interscope 935 and the Meccarillos 934 would get to do some” HOT LAPS” at this beautiful facility. The 934 ran without any problems and was run during the test day sessions only. The 935 on the otherhand was in need of some fine tuning as this was the first track time since we re-installed the origional kugel-fischer fuel injection system. After getting the engine dialed in we encountered a fuel delivery issue and due to the pumps being over 25 years old had to call it a weekend! All in all, things went well and with some new updated pumps the 935 should be better than ever. So stay tuned for the updates!

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